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Ignition show the national creme de la creme how power metal has to be played (...) fantastic power metal which is truly international competitive ( 9/10

Great music, awesome artwork, killer sound (Metalzone) 9,5/10

A fulminant debut (hellfire magazin)

Ignition are going to conquer the scene by storm.... something huge is awaiting (

The promotion sheet promises “Heavy fuckin metal” and this is no exaggeration because the content holds what the advertising promised.(
Guided by the waves - one of my faves (
.... this is the hell of a power metal record (

Origin: Duisburg/Germany


Genres:  Metal


Years Active:  2014- Present


Label:  Roll The Bones Records, FTWCTP Records (Vinyl)



Dennis Marschallik - v

Sebastian Ernst - g

Christian Bruckschen - g

Andreas Leyer - b

Dominik Erbach - d


We Are The Force (EP) - 2016

Guided By The Waves - Nov 2017

Call Of The Sirens - May 2020


IGNITION play a rough and straight US Power Metal influenced music. By mixing traditional and modern metal elements, they are often described as a symbiosis of old BLIND GUARDIAN and TRIVIUM. In 2014 IGNITION emerged from former Synasthasia and Blood Of God musicians. In 2016, the “We Are The Force” EP was the first sign of life and caught the attention of the metal scene. 

Ignition played shows with TESTAMENT, AMORPHIS and RAGE. For the debut album “Guided By The Waves”, released in 2017, IGNITION signed to Roll The Bones Records (digital and CD) and FTWCTP Records (vinyl). GBTW has consistently received great reviews from the metal press. After the release IGNITION played a lot of festivals, a Germany tour with Motorjesus and shared stages with bands like SATAN, RAM, KISSING DYNAMITE or KAMBRIUM..
2020 their second album “Call of the sirens” was released at RTB Records and FTWCTP Records on CD, Vinyl and digital as well. 



We Are The Force (EP)

Release date: 29 April 2016

Label: Roll The Bones Records 


We Are the Force

A Whisper from the Dark

I'll Take the Shelter

Reveal My Way



Guided By The Waves

Release date: 11 November 2017

Label: Roll The Bones Records, FTWCTP Records (Vinyl)



We Are the Force

A Whisper from the Dark 


Into the Fire 

In Glory or the Sand 

I'll Take the Shelter 

Reveal My Way 

Guided by the Waves 

Into the Battle 

Valhalla's Calling 

For the Fallen

Mattes Cover.jpg
"Memory" is about the saddest moment in 2019, the death of our friend and guitarist Mathias Ernst. With "Memory" we want to remember the good times we were honoured to spent together so open the Link and enjoy the Video. The song will not be on any album, but you can download the mp3 for free.
11 - Ignition - Memory (online-audio-conArtist Name
00:00 / 05:01
Call Of The Sirens

Release date: 16 May 2020

Label: Roll The Bones Records, FTWCTP Records (Vinyl)



Warrior Of The Night

The Cleansing

Cobra Kai

Reach Out For The Top

Balancing On A Blade

Raise Your Horns

Riding The Drakkar

Marching Into Batlle

Call Of The Sirens

Home Again

Ignition Call of the Sirens Netversion.J


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