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New Album"Vengeance"!

From now on our new album "Vengeance" is available. We are very happy that we have found a home with the label DOC GATOR RECORDS. The guys are busting their asses and always manage to bring high quality real metal to the market. We have to admit that we already got very good reviews with the previous albums (So in a way we are quite spoiled). But this time the record reviews are always at the very top end of the scale. We are very proud of that and it shows that hard work pays off! You can get the physical copy at our new label DOC GATOR RECORDS. The album is available in a CD digipack, the vinyl version is available in many different colors. But of course you can also stream the album at your streaming service provider like Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Bandcamp etc.

Please listen in and support us if you like it!!! For example by visiting our little tour next year for the new album ;) 

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08.06.2024 KREFELD Schlachtgarten

12.09.2024 DÜSSELDORF Pitcher

09.11.2024 SCHWELM Eisenfest

22.11.2024 OLDENBURG Cadillac

23.11.2024 HALTERN Schänke

08.02.2025 WUPPERTAL Underground



IGNITION: Echoes of the Steel Fortress

At the core of Germany's steel capital, Duisburg, in 2013's final sigh, IGNITION was born—a testament to heavy metal's evolving heart. The relentless Duisburg winds, resonant with industrial tales, whispered tales of might and melody into the ears of Dennis Marschallik, Christian Bruckschen, and Dominik Erbach. They envisioned a metal that married the genre's classic vitality with a novel dynamism. They crafted a sound reminiscent of TRIVIUM's strength juxtaposed with the poetic eloquence of old BLIND GUARDIAN.

Their 2016 sonic declaration, “We Are the Force,” was no ordinary EP. It heralded their presence, granting them the privilege to share stages with legends like TESTAMENT and AMORPHIS. Yet, it was 2017’s “Guided by the Waves” that saw them transcend boundaries. Their tracks delved deep, touching on unchecked capitalism, social media's enigmatic nature, and epic Viking narratives.

In 2020, the world grappled with the pandemic's shadow, yet IGNITION's spirit remained unbroken. “Call of the Sirens” emerged as a ray of hope, its tracks mirroring resilience and strength. Their reputation as modern power metal's beacon intensified.

With the dawn of rejuvenation on the horizon, IGNITION introduces “Vengeance.” Now aligned with the esteemed “Doc Gator Records”, this album isn’t merely another chapter—it’s a revolution. It's a statement that they're not just followers in the wake of greats like Blind Guardian or Trivium. They're trailblazers, champions in their own right.

“Vengeance” promises a journey—a blend of untamed passion and meticulous craftsmanship. Singer Dennis “Schally” Marschallik shares, “With ‘Vengeance’, we've ventured into uncharted realms. It's a refreshing direction that fans will embrace.” Bassist Andreas Leyer enunciates, “This album encapsulates IGNITION's spirit. We've journeyed through metal's vast expanse, affirming that stagnation isn't in our lexicon.” Guitarist Christian Bruckschen believes it merges tradition and modernity, sculpted by their homeland's essence.

Their 12-track masterpiece is set to redefine. Fans familiar with their Viking chronicles will rejoice as “The Rise” marks the onset of “The Viking Saga Pt. III.”

Live, IGNITION is a phenomenon. Experience and fervor combine, offering an electrifying ambiance few can rival. With Dennis "Schally" Marschallik at the helm, their shows are not just performances but visceral celebrations of metal.

Global critics have always sung their praises, hailing their unique niche and melodic prowess. If history is a prophet, “Vengeance” is poised to be IGNITION's monumental legacy.

From Duisburg's metal-coated heart, IGNITION surged, promising to engrave their legacy in heavy metal history. Their compositions, their verses, their essence—they are the spirit of pure metal incarnate.

Foto von christian bruckschen cb (2).jpg

From left to right:
Sebastian Ernst (guitar), Lukas Leeuw (drums), Dennis "Schally" Marschallik (vocals), Christian Bruckschen (guitar), Andreas Leyer (bass guitar)



We Are The Force (EP)

Release date: 29 April 2016

Label: Roll The Bones Records 


We Are the Force

A Whisper from the Dark

I'll Take the Shelter

Reveal My Way



Guided By The Waves

Release date: 11 November 2017

Label: Roll The Bones Records, FTWCTP Records (Vinyl)



We Are the Force

A Whisper from the Dark 


Into the Fire 

In Glory or the Sand 

I'll Take the Shelter 

Reveal My Way 

Guided by the Waves 

Into the Battle 

Valhalla's Calling 

For the Fallen

Mattes Cover.jpg
"Memory" is about the saddest moment in 2019, the death of our friend and guitarist Mathias Ernst. With "Memory" we want to remember the good times we were honoured to spent together so open the Link and enjoy the Video. The song will not be on any album, but you can download the mp3 for free.
11 - Ignition - Memory (online-audio-conArtist Name
00:00 / 05:01
Call Of The Sirens

Release date: 16 May 2020

Label: Roll The Bones Records, FTWCTP Records (Vinyl)



Warrior Of The Night

The Cleansing

Cobra Kai

Reach Out For The Top

Balancing On A Blade

Raise Your Horns

Riding The Drakkar

Marching Into Batlle

Call Of The Sirens

Home Again

Ignition Call of the Sirens Netversion.J

Release date: 15 September 2023

Label: Doc Gator Records



Ignite The Fire

The Wounds That Cause The Pain



Kingdom of Lies

A New Dawn

The Rise

A Dark Fate


We Were The Shieldwall

The Funeral

The Final Hour


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